Sello 2 Wine Preservation System | Wine Preserver & Wine Pourer in One | Patented Wine Saver with Innovative Technology | Made in USA | New Version of Original Sello | Sello 2 device + 12 cartridges

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Preserves Taste | The Sello Wine Preservation System keeps wine tasting great by reducing oxygen, moisture, temperature, and light. These are the same factors that eventually cause spoilage in all foods and beverages. It is the method of reduction that makes the device so innovative. Sello is a wine preserver and dripless wine pourer in one sleek design. Made from Nature | Sello cartridges use natural elements from the Earth to reduce both oxygen and moisture in a continuous manner. It is the active packaging design that makes the product unique. Wine maintains its original taste and aroma the longest by this mechanism of control. Sello is the best wine saver available to keep open bottles of wine fresh and tasting great. Maintains Originality | Sello regulates oxygen and moisture levels inside the wine bottle to maintain its essence. The wine is then placed in any ordinary household refrigerator to govern temperature and light. This system effectively manages all aspects that influence the original personality of a wine. The Sello Wine Preserver effectively maintains the original tastes and aromas of wine as intended by the winemaker. Powered by Innovation | Food and beverage manufacturers across America commonly use active packaging techniques to maintain product integrity. It is patent pending technology that has been proven to outperform other forms of preservation. Sello is a smart wine saver designed to bring the benefits of active wine preservation to your home. How to Use | The Sello Wine Preservation System is easy to use. Directions | Tear open a Sello cartridge. Remove bottom basket of Sello device and insert cartridge . Re-attach basket and insert Sello device into bottle. Store upright in refrigerator. Remove cap and pour from dripless spout about 15 - 30 minutes prior to drinking, or until wine reaches desired temperature. Re-insert red cap, hold red cap and black pour spout, then gently twist to remove device when finished. Discard cartridge.


SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY | Sello is an innovative wine preservation system that utilizes active packaging technology to keep wine tasting great. Cartridges are constantly working to absorb oxygen and excess moisture within the bottle of wine being preserved. This method is highly effective in maintaining the original flavors and aromas of wine. It is commonly used by food and beverage manufacturers across America to extend shelf life. OUTSTANDING VALUE | Sello is a reusable wine preserver and dripless wine pourer in one beautiful design. It is also an effective preservation solution for liquor, spirits, and beer. The device is compatible with all bottle types. NEW & IMPROVED DESIGN | Redesigned device with significant improvements in durability and functionality compared to original model. Sello is easy to use making it ideal for use in homes, restaurants, and wineries. PERFORMANCE DRIVEN | Sello outperforms alternative wine preservation methods and is proven through testing. PATENTED & MADE IN USA | Sello is patented in USA and patent pending in international markets. The system includes 1 Sello Wine Preserver Device plus 12 Sello replacement cartridges. USA Patent No 9,938,057 & 9,944,442. ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON SELLO DEVICE. Customer service inquiries should be directed to [email protected]